NETS CEE d.o.o.


About us

We are a provider of innovative payments on an European Scale. We are part of the biggest payment group Nets Payment Group.

Our growing team includes more than 300 professionals, whose combined knowledge, creativity and enthusiasm aid in delivering quality service and value to our clients.

Being at the forefront of emerging trends in the payment industry, we developed and launched a Mobile Wallet solution, based on HCE technology, that enables cloud based mobile proximity payments and opens endless possibilities of introducing new and innovative value-added services to end customers.

Maintaining high level of service is a top priority for us. The customers expect 100% availability and we endeavor to meet such expectations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are committed to our clients and their customers

Because our business depends on the accuracy and security with which we perform our operations, we aim for excellence in everything we undertake.

But our job is more than just running payments, but being adaptable and anticipating the needs of our clients, and developing new services to meet those needs and our clients’ specific institutional context.

And take great pride in the quality of our work

In today’s world, everything has to be quick and easy to use, and it’s the same with payments. As all else in the life of consumers, paying for goods or a service needs to be a simple, quick and secure experience.

That’s why our aim is to ensure that payment process adapts seamlessly to the lives of the customers, and not the other way around.

Together with the people who make it happen

A vital part of our every success is our team and their expertize, so it’s imperative we keep an open environment where all of us can exchange ideas and knowledge.

Equally important, where our employees have the freedom and support to grow as individuals, team members and team leaders.

Services / Products

  • ATM

    • ATM Software Design
  • POS

    • POS terminal Software Design
    • POS terminal procurement
    • POS terminal maintenance
    • Other POS
      • Development of new solutions
  • Payment Transaction Processing

    • Switching
  • Non-Payment Transaction Processing

    • Loyalty
  • Fraud Monitoring

  • Applications

    • e-Banking Applications
    • m-Banking Applications
  • Systems

    • Identity and Access Management systems
  • e-commerce solutions

    • 3DS Issuing
    • 3DS Acquiring
    • Risk Based Authentication – RBA
  • Card Personalisation Solutions

    • Contactless/EMV/Magstripe
    • Personalisation Machines
    • Software Design and Implementation
  • Other solutions (payment, security, monitoring etc.)

    • ICT Security Solutions
    • Cyber Security
    • Phishing
    • Fraud Monitoring


  • Banking

  • Other industries

    • Internations acquireres

We are providing the payment support for Intesa Sanpaolo Banks outside of Italy, beside that we are processing the newest SMARTPAY -SME solution for Concardis – the biggest German acquirer. We are also providing different kind of services to multiple Slovenian banks.

Contact details

Name and SurnameTitleE-mailPhone number
Gordana BreyerHead of

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