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About us

Our story started in 2003. Soon after, we were included in the TOP 500 technologically fastest-growing companies in the EMEA region. In our business circle, we are known as real masters for development and delivery of both our own and renowned vendor ICT solutions, with a focus on the individual approach to each client. Our ownership is 100% Croatian while we strive to constantly prove ourselves on large foreign projects. In 2019 we have become one of the most successful domestic companies in the software industry, with the highest percentage growth in exports in 2018.

By continuously investing in the quality of our services, by caring for employees and users and, above all, by providing quality solutions and services, we implement many of the best practices in the world. In addition to individual achievements, we also have numerous internationally recognized statuses, putting us in the company of the most prestigious and competitive businesses in the region and beyond.

By acquiring certificates, we at Sedam IT confirm our dedication to our work. We are proud of the exceptional achievements of our employees who have over 300  certificates. Our certified experts enable us to provide the highest level of quality. We are also able to brag that in our offices there are experts who hold some of the most prestigious certifications, the kind only a few people in the world have attained!

In this story, we are far from alone. Our success is being built in four cities, together with two internal startups and one daughter company. This way of doing business enables us to provide a complete service. It also allows us to quickly and successfully achieve the business goals of all our users.

Services / Products

  • POS

    • POS terminal Software Design
    • POS terminal procurement
    • POS terminal maintenance
    • POS terminal installation
    • Other POS
  • Payment Transaction Processing

    • Switching
    • Other Switching
  • Fraud Monitoring

  • Applications

    • e-Banking Applications
    • m-Banking Applications
    • Other Applications
  • Systems

    • Identity and Access Management systems
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Contact Center Technologies
    • Other Systems
  • e-commerce solutions

    • Risk Based Authentication – RBA
    • Other e-commerce solutions
  • Card Personalisation Solutions

    • Contactless/EMV/Magstripe
    • Software Design and Implementation
    • Other Card Personalisation Solutions
  • Other solutions (payment, security, monitoring etc.)

    • ICT Security Solutions
    • Cyber Security
    • Fraud Monitoring
  • Other

Additional information

Sedam IT development team has been developing wide range of payment solutions compliant to it’s complex environment constantly evolving for over 17 years now, with primary goal to close the gap between end-user needs and what is being delivered by present payments infrastructure in Croatia and region. Custumer are now in demand of greater control, greater assurance, enhanced data and reduced financial damage while the last several years show a noticeable trend of digital payment transactions increase in comparison to cash payments. All because today’s card business systems and other forms of digital financial transactions are no longer exclusive nor are they something that only financially powerful systems such as banks can afford. Digitalized payments are becoming increasingly more prevalent in today’s economy as whole, while dynamism digital innovation has brought with new mobile and online payment solutions and products. So actual competitive business environment has opened doors for new opportunities to get close to client, minding that convenience is key for customers’ decisions and actions.

Advanced payment systems and services is layer for handling the payment methods of the new generation, fully focused on customer convenience and legal interpretation of environment that makes the transaction safe and efficient. Primarily, those are the ones procured uses PSD2 regulation regarding PISP (Payment Initiation Service Provider) that allows service provider to initiate a payment transaction on behave of the customer if customer has given them consent, the SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Inst) regarding peer-to-peer, peer-to-business, business-to-business, business-to-peer, peer-to-government, business-to-government instant payments, vouchers and payments made using the escrow account.


  • Banking

  • Insurance

  • Retail

  • Government

  • Other industries

    • Cisco – Gold Certified Partner
    • F5 Gold Partner
    • Zabbix – Certified Partner
    • CA technologies – CA Enterprise Solution Provider
    • IBM – Gold Business Partner
    • 2010 – 25th Deloitte Technology Fast 50 CEE
    • 2015 – ICT Gold Award Best CRM Solution
    • 2019 – the best in Southeast Europe for Cisco® Master Unified Communications.
    • 2019 – one of the most successful domestic companies in the software industry, with the highest percentage growth in exports in 2018.
    • 2020 – Cisco Customer Experience Specialization

Contact details

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Alen SelimbegovićSenior konzultat za razvoj 98 291 007

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