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About us

TIS Grupa is a global IT company with 35 years of experience developing complex fintech solutions. We have been a reliable IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle partner from the beginning and have since expanded our tech stack portfolio to include all relevant industry standards.

The Croatian National Clearing System (NKS) is one of our most remarkable achievements. NKS was developed in collaboration with Fina in Croatia thanks to our renowned expertise in SEPA regulation. Furthermore, we have introduced the euro in two countries. With offices in Slovenia and the UK, TIS Grupa serves the financial sector throughout Europe and is pleased to collaborate with six of the ten largest British banks.

Thanks to our experienced business analysts and project managers, TIS Grupa is recognized as one of the leading consulting firms in the regional market, especially in introducing innovative banking services.

Although we started experimenting with artificial intelligence in the 90’s, we have intensified our focus on AI solutions. Computer vision, machine learning, and LLM’s are the favorite tools in our in-house AI squad.

Services / Products

  • Core Banking System

    • Core Banking modernization and migration
  • Payment Transaction Processing

    • Switching
    • Payment solutions – SEPA, PSD2, Inst
  • Non-Payment Transaction Processing

    • Integration platforms – B2B, Managed File Transfer, API
  • Applications

    • Robotic Process Automation, Enterprise Content Management
  • Systems

    • Identity and Access Management systems
  • Other solutions (payment, security, monitoring etc.)

    • Instant Payment Solutions
    • ICT Security Solutions
    • eIdentity Solutions – LiveID, SelfID, eSignature
  • Other

    • AI based solutions


  • Banking

  • Insurance

  • Retail

  • Government

  • Other industries

    • Health care, agriculture

References in finance industry:

  • All Croatian banks
  • All Slovenian banks
  • 6/10 biggest banks in the UK
  • Various banks across EU
  • 3 large banks in Saudi Arabia
  • Croatian central finance agency
  • Slovenian central payment processing

Additional information

TIS Grupa has successfully delivered pilot projects within the financial sector utilizing our TIS.AI LLM  framework, built upon our established process renowned for swiftly and effectively delivering AI solutions. Our approach is characterized by operating in agile sprints, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily operations while swiftly addressing your core business requirements. We prioritize collaboration with our clients to ascertain the optimal path to market tailored to fulfill their specific needs.

Beside AI projects within the financial sector, TIS Grupa has developed various AI solutions, including SENDD and Vineyard Angel – more details are available on https://tis.ai/

SENDD (https://sendd.eu/) is an AI system that detects early neurological deviation in babies up to 3 months old. This project was developed with the help of neuropediatricians from Poliklinika Dr. Sabol.

On the other hand, Vineyard Angel is an innovative system that monitors, analyses, and predicts various parameters for smart agriculture. It aims to increase crop productivity, product quality, and yield while reducing costs and environmental impact.

Contact details

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Josip KustićBusiness Development Managerjkustic@tis.hr+385989819559