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About us

AUSTRIACARD Gmbh is a group of companies including Tag Systems. AUSTRIACARD GmbH was founded in 1981 as a personalization center for eurocheques and eurocheque cards and has developed into a leading European company in the area of smart cards, payment and identification solutions. The Digital Security segment provides end-to-end secure data solutions across the entire value chain and offers personalization services and highly innovative products for the highly sensitive areas of Financial Institutions, Government, Public Sector, Transportation as well as Industry & Retail. Those products and services are based on high security standards and range from dual interface payment cards and government electronic identification cards to innovative mobile payment solutions.

The activities of the Digital Security Segment comprise primarily the certified production of smart cards and personalization services, including services ranging from assistance during the card design and certification process, consulting and project management throughout the product life cycle and the development of embedded smart card operating systems. The Company has effective specific security policies and procedures which are audited on an annual basis with respect to physical and logical security by PCI Card Production Security Assessors (CPSA), card schemes and relevant ISO Standards’ accreditation bodies.

AUSTRIACARD has four production facilities located in Andorra, Austria, Romania and UK and eight personalization centres located in the United Kingdom, Spain, Austria, Poland, Romania, Greece and Turkey, as well as in the USA. Moreover, it has sales offices in Norway, Czech Republic, Germany, Croatia, Serbia, Jordan, the UAE and a network of partners and selling agencies around the world.

Services / Products

  • Card Personalisation Solutions

    • Contactless/EMV/Magstripe


  • Banking

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