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Belgrade, Serbia

About us

Blinking enables companies to improve their data security to unprecedented levels while speeding up the processes aimed at customer acquisition. Customers can easily, securely, and conveniently verify their identity and access client’s remote services.

Our process is approved by the National Bank of Serbia, with the highest security standards and the best user experience.

Blinking Patent “Authentication method for a client over a network” is filed in European Union (EPO), United States (USPTO), China (CNIPA) and as an International patent file. Blinking is trademarked and copyrighted, and the company holds ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certifications.

Services / Products

  • Fraud Monitoring
  • Systems
  • KYC, AML, Identity Verification, Onboarding
  • Systems

    • Identity and Access Management systems


  • Banking
  • Insurance

References list

  • Banking:
    • AIK Bank
    • Raiffeisen Bank
  • Insurance:
    • Dunav Insurance

Additional information

Blinking IDentify platform is our standalone SaaS ID solution built to drastically reduce drop-offs, enable remote customer onboarding or user registration and scale down customer acquisition time. We provide essential tools to introduce new customers to services and products while preventing fraud and identity theft.

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Iva ZečevićSales


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