Printec Serbia

Zemunska 47 11070 Belgrade

About us

Printec is a leader in business-to-customer transaction technologies in 16 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, offering a wide range of technology solutions that help improve human interactions, making everyday life easier. 

The company aspire to make digital transactions safer, faster, and easier for people as it shapes the way towards a more accessible and sustainable world.

Since 1988, Printec enables businesses through solutions and services (such as self-service channels, digital transformation, e-payments and security & compliance), to leverage innovative technology to provide superior customer experience and at the same time achieve operational efficiencies and regulatory compliance.

We provide customers with a wide range of industry-leading innovative solutions also through partnering with the world’s leading information technology organizations such as NCR Atleos,  VeriFone, IMTF, FIS, Worldline, Glory, Castles, Inetco and many others.

Services / Products

  • ATM

    • ATM Software Design
    • ATM installation
  • POS

    • POS terminal maintenance
    • POS terminal installation
  • Fraud Monitoring

  • Other

    • e-signature, digital onboarding, real-time transaction montironing


  • Banking

  • Retail

Self-Service Channels, Banking, Digital Transformation, Payments, Security & Compliance, Retail

Contact details

Name and Surname Title E-mail Phone number
Predrag Radovanovic Country Lead Serbia +38163388140


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