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About us

SETCCE is a high-profile global DTM company based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Helping clients transform their businesses in a more efficient, secure and customer friendly manner has been our main goal, within 23 years of experience. As a leading regional vendor and provider of DTM services, SETCCE has managed to build a strong customer base from telco, financial and automotive industry, from retail, utility, manufacturing and from public administration. SETCCE core business reflects in the development of high-end software products and services, helping clients to reach customers through digital channels, perform sales processes at POS digitally and to digitalize customer related processes or internal workflows. SETCCE products are specifically suitable for enterprises and organizations whose business processes are based on creation, management and exchange of legally binding documents of confidential or business critical nature like contracts, invoices etc.: Our roots and deep understanding of business needs, customer experience and information security help us design state of the art DTM services when it comes to introduce digital transformation in different industry sectors in a reliable, secure and legally compliant manner, leaving no room for error.

BetrSign® is SETCCE’s new solution on the market, which will shift your business into a higher gear by spending less time on paperwork. With the excellent user experience of the BetrSign® electronic signature service, we support signature workflows in a wide variety of business sectors and all sizes of companies. Together with our customers, who value an easy and secure digital signature experience, we reached extraordinary milestones in 2023: we acquired 229,904 new users, executed 10,296,812 transactions, uploaded 17,801,210 documents and executed a record 22,889,046 electronic signatures.

Services / Products

  • Systems
  • Digital transaction management, e-signatures
  • Systems

    • Identity and Access Management systems
    • Authentication, identification, e-signatures


  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Government
  • Telecommunications, Manufacturing Automotive Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Education, Logistics, Sales

References list

We work with all types of enterprises in the private sector and in the public sector. Here are the names of companies from some industries:

  • Telecommunications:
    • Telekom Slovenia
    • Telemach
    • A1
  • Banking:
    • Nova KBM
    • NLB
  • Insurance:
    • Triglav
    • Generali
    • Prva
    • Allianz
    • Sava
  • Automative Industry:
    • Porsche Slovenia
    • BMW
    • AC Autocommerce
    • Avto Triglav
    • Renault Slovenia
    • AMZS
    • Carglass Slovenia
  • Manufactoring: 
    • Titan
    • Lindström
    • Veyance Technologies

Additional Information

Obtained certificate: 

  • ISO 27001- Information Security Certificate
  • ISO 27018 –  Protection of Personally Identifiable Information
  • eIDAS Certified
  • We have been assigned, several years in a row, the AAA gold creditworthiness by credit rating agency Bisnode d.o.o.

Contact details

Name and SurnameTitleE-mailPhone number
Marko KebeHead of 40 595 290
Tilen MarkunSales Operations 41 648 247
Tadej DrmažBusiness Development 31 303 813


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